Not all who wander are lost.


I do creative stuff and even things, too!

I enjoy stabbing felt with needles.

I enjoy creating with my hands, especially working with clay. 

I enjoy life 🙂


Moon of Rubies

Dripping in blood, they didn’t know what they had just done or where they were at. As they looked around frantically, searching for what could be …

The Fawn

It was raining now, as the sun began to set. They remember hearing their caretaker tell them that if they were ever lost, they could always follow the stars home. But it wasn’t safe at night—not in these woods. 

When the Mighty Fall

If a tree, alone in the wood, falls… does it make a sound? This is a time-held tradition that we ask the young ones to provoke thoughts of curiosity and wonder, but what if it doesn’t make a sound? What if the woods made no sound at all, but were alive. Watching. Waiting. Preying. 


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