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Hello & Welcome to the Website of

Nadia Rausa

welcome to the website of

Nadia Rausa

Here you will find my projects, shoppe links, biography, contact info, and my stories and blog posts via my tome. I am creating an ethereal collection of artwork and artisan goods deeply inspired by Korean culture, fantasy, spirituality, and mental health that allows people to express themselves in unprecedented ways.


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creative outlets

my mediums

art & stories

illustration and writing stories helps me view the world in a different light

artisan goods

embroidery and other handmade artisan goods grounds me when using my hands to create


the art of creating covers and binding together pages brings me solace and comfort

the portfolio

featured projects

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my goal with my work is to

create a little magic and love in this world through creative outlets

Welcome to My New Site!

Hello there, friend. Welcome to my brand new website. I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with you! I have most of the site complete—I just have to add my projects to the portfolio section, but I’ve still been debating what projects I want to add and what I want to omit and archive.

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